​​​​Side by Side was founded in Rochester, Minnesota in 1988 as a Bible study to encourage and support medical wives.  There are currently over 90 chapters across the country, now including Boston! ​​Our prayer is that we will be able to reach many women in this city to support and strengthen each other with God’s help.

Being a medical wife presents many unique challenges: moving to a new area where you may not know anyone, having your husband gone much of the time, and living on a limited income. For those who have children, it can sometimes feel like you are doing everything on your own. The good news is, you don’t have to feel alone! This community is designed to bring encouragement and understanding during what seems like the hardest chapter of your life. 

Side by Side Boston began in the winter of 2017. Though the city has numerous hospitals and training facilities, no Side By Side chapter had been in place until then. Our prayer and hope is that Side by Side will be a place to build each other up, be strengthened, and to challenge one another to be the best wives and mothers we can be.  God has called us to this role, but we can't do it alone.